Air Freight

Intermec Logistics established route on air cargo services from loading place to the destination, which offers the customers committed services for door to door delivery. Fast booking and size proposal are critical in air freighting due to strict arrangement and control situation, Intermec has always pre planned and get ready for customers’ enquiries.

Air Freight
Sea Freight

Experience in handling break bulk shipment, conventional shipment, oil and gas equipment and containerized cargo in favour of customer requirement. As optimization solution is the preferred method for customers nowadays, Intermec is always looking into this critical supply chain efficiency which suit to nowadays time constraint circumstances.

Sea Freight
Land Transport

As part of the total logistics solutions provider, the role of land transport arrangement is utmost critical especially to integrate the timing with the sea freight and air freight so that everything will be on time as per scheduled. The flexibility and arrangement always according to the experience and supports from the associate partners made the whole chain mission accomplished in excellence way.

Land Transport